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Scientists: humans are expected to...

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China Network February 17, according to Russian media reported February 15, a few days ago from the University of Shffield scientists in the United Kingdom after a long-term study to find a may be able to allow the human teeth in a short period of one days to "regenerate" the conclusion.

In the study so far, scientists have found that all animals on earth have a typical animal with a regenerative ability to repair their own teeth. In the long term, scientists have discovered that in many marine predators, there are genes responsible for tooth regeneration. Garrett Frezer, head of the research team, says there may be at least 400 genes in the animals responsible for tooth growth.

According to Fraser, humans actually have similar functional genes, but their numbers are significantly less than those of sharks responsible for tooth regeneration. Scientists have even ventured to speculate that because humans and sharks have such similar genes, it may be possible to assume that humans and sharks have an identical ancestor.

Scientists also note that, in addition to sharks, new teeth are found in many bony fish and reptiles. At the same time, in most mammals, this ability does not exist. Researchers have now discovered and are gradually identifying a genome that can regenerate shark teeth, which may be automatically ineffective in humans after a certain amount of time, as if the teeth would fall off and grow out of a permanent tooth in early childhood.

The work is still under way, and if researchers can actually develop a methodology to refine the necessary genes, then no artificial fillings will be needed, and the human body will be able to recover its missing tooth once it has the gene. All of this is still a plan, but as the research continues to deepen, presumably this day will not be too far.

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