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Better not to pull your teeth? Keep teeth ...

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Modern living environment is superior, always pay attention to science everywhere, including dental health is no exception, many modern people will regularly wash teeth, let the teeth bright white, they think this is to protect the teeth of the practice. Not surprisingly, washing teeth does not necessarily make the teeth healthier. But there are still many people easy to enter such a misunderstanding, home doctor online editor suggested that the maintenance of teeth to avoid these several misunderstandings:

Myth 1: Everyone loves to wash their teeth

Dental calculus is the main factor that causes periodontal disease, and "washing teeth" is one of the important methods to remove dental calculus.

But not everyone is required to wash teeth. According to clinical observation, due to the different dietary habits, health care habits, oral health status also has a significant difference.

However, regular dental check-ups to qualified regular dental clinics are essential, with dental professionals deciding whether or not to wash their teeth in accordance with periodontal health conditions, and early detection of asymptomatic cavities and early treatment. Therefore, the promotion of regular oral examination, rather than simply emphasizing the "regular washing of teeth" to avoid the concept of oral health care into misleading.

Myth 2, can not pull the teeth firmly

Dental problems, as early as possible to treat and retain the teeth is the basic principle, but some people in periodontal disease with the sexual damage to obtain the condition of tooth extraction, still insisted that the retention of teeth is not conducive to periodontal oral health, early tooth extraction is conducive to oral health recovery.

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