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How to control the breeding of dental plaque

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How to control the breeding of dental plaque? What is the effective way to control dental plaque? I believe this is the most want to know, the most want to understand the problem. The following medical education network for everyone to collect the relevant information, hope to understand the effective method of dental plaque can help.

The effective method to control plaque is: (1) to brush the teeth correctly two times a day and night, (2) to regularly ask the oral surgeon to carry out full mouth cleansing (at least once a year); (3) In case of early symptoms of periodontal disease, early treatment and acceptance of periodontal system therapy.

The early treatment effect of periodontal disease is better. The successful treatment of periodontal disease depends largely on whether the patient can brush his teeth well and regularly visit the dentist. The treatment of periodontal disease is a lifelong treatment, if the patient does not cooperate, then the doctor's efforts are futile.

For the prevention of periodontal disease, please remember: morning and evening brushing, regular cleaning teeth; early detection, early treatment.

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