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About brushing the 15 of the unpopular ...

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The reason is: after the water, brushing a lot of foam easily, will make people feel that has been brush a long time teeth, think can end, in fact, at this time the teeth have not really been brushed clean;

However, experts said earlier, this is not necessarily, if the use of a general cleaning toothpaste, brushing before the impact of water is not very small. Because even if you do not touch the water, there is still saliva in the mouth.

Brushing this thing, said simple very simple, everyone will, difficult and difficult, a lot of knowledge of the upset brushing, to now you may not understand!

Brushing your teeth not thoroughly, 13?

Brushing is not just about protecting teeth, but the importance of brushing teeth-

Severe dental plaque and oral bacterial problems can increase the risk of cancer death by 80% and may reduce life expectancy by 13, according to a US study.

It is reported that 1/5 of cancer patients have oral infections and inflammatory symptoms. Moreover, periodontal disease can lead to halitosis, gum bleeding, serious can cause decayed teeth, retraction gum and tooth shedding.

Not only that, daily oral cleansing and dental treatment are also important in preventing cerebral hemorrhage. This is because a streptococcus mutans that causes cavities is associated with cerebral hemorrhage, a strain of the bacterium that hinders the body's ability to stop bleeding, which is 4 times times more likely to be the risk of intracerebral haemorrhage in the mouth. If you can reduce the bacteria that are highly pathogenic, it is possible to prevent cerebral hemorrhage.

Brushing teeth two times a day, but also to reduce the incidence of oral cancer, esophageal carcinoma.

The Japan Cancer Society has published a report showing the relationship between brushing habits and cancer: people who brush their teeth more than 2 times a day are 30% less likely to have oral cancer or esophageal cancer than those who brush 1 times.

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