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What are the conditions through which the gums can be inspected? What are the conditions through which you can check for problems with your gums? I believe that this is the most wanted to know, and the most concern. The following medical education network for everyone to collect the relevant information, I hope to know about the gum condition inspection methods can help.

Gingival status examination including the color of the gums, shape, quality, lip, buccal belt attachment position and attachment gum width, gingival margin position, after the diagnosis of bleeding, overflow pus.

(1) Color: Healthy gingival tissue from free gingival margin to membrane gingival joint should be pink, when the gum inflammation, the color is dark red or purple, when the inflammation is controlled gum tissue can from bright red or dark red to pink. Diabetes, anemia, polycythemia and leukemia can cause gingival color changes.

(2) Shape: The gum edge is thin and fitting the tooth surface, the gingival margin line should present the scallop shape, the gum nipple assumes the cone with the neat edge fills the tooth gap. Inflammation of the gums swelling, edge blunt thick, or hypertrophy hyperplasia; some drugs (such as phenytoin, nifedipine) can also cause gingival hyperplasia and swelling; gum nipple margin may appear ulcer or necrosis tissue;

(3) Quality: The normal gingival tissue texture is tough. Inflammation when the texture of the gums become soft, or further fibrosis and make the gum tissue tough. The point of attachment of gingival color disappears is the early symptoms of gingivitis, but healthy gums are not all a bit of color, should pay attention to the texture of the gums.

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