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What is the treatment method of adolesc...

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What is the treatment plan of the adolescent periodontitis? Is there any way to treat the adolescent periodontitis? I believe that this is the most wanted to know, and the most concern. The following medical education network for you to collect the relevant information, hope to understand the treatment of young people with periodontitis can help.

Adolescent periodontitis refers to a special type of periodontitis that occurs during adolescence. The illness develops quickly. The cause is not entirely clear. The local factor mainly is the infection of the specific bacterium. The whole body factor is the abnormality of the body's defensive ability, especially the neutrophil chemotactic function of peripheral blood. If there are other local factors, it can aggravate the development of the disease.

The treatment of periodontitis in adolescents

Early treatment, such as cleansing, scraping and root surface formation, and so on, the total elimination of infection, strengthen regular review and necessary follow-up treatment. Take antibiotics as adjuvant therapy. Oral four-ring-element 0.25g, 4 times a day, a total of 2-3 weeks, or a small dose of doxycycline 50mg, 2 times a day. The combination of metronidazole and poor ampicillin was superior to single drug. The body's defensive function was adjusted with six-flavour Dihuang pill in the foundation of the solid-tooth pill (ointment). The patient with tooth displacement is not too serious and can be treated with orthodontic method to reposition the displaced teeth after inflammation control.

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