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Tips for getting rid of oral ulcers

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What are the tips for getting rid of oral ulcers? How to get rid of canker sores? I believe this is the most wanted to know, and most want to understand the problem. The following medical education network for everyone to collect the relevant information, hope to help you.

If you have a small, round or oval ulcer in your mouth and a sudden fire-like pain, especially when eating and speaking. You may have an oral ulcer. Studies have shown that the incidence of this pain-causing disease is as high as 20%.

And some small tips can help you relieve the pain of oral ulcers:

1 Brush your teeth carefully, brush your teeth with a soft hair brush; often do oral examinations, the dentist in time to treat bad teeth, repair damaged dentures lining.

2 Keep the oral cavity clean and use the sterilized fermentation to paint the teeth.

3 Keep a diary, observe which foods can cause oral ulcers and avoid eating less.

4 Eat more fluid food, chew slowly. Collection and collation of medical Education Network

5 Increase the amount of fruit and vegetable intake in order to supplement a variety of vitamins and minerals.

6 Avoid grinding food, such as bread, corn or potato chips, stop smoking, drink less, eat less acidic food such as citrus, tomatoes or nuts, eat less spicy or salty food, avoid eating hard, too hot food and chewing gum.

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