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The tooth gap is getting bigger ...

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What is the gap between the teeth? What is the cause of the growing gap between the teeth? I believe this is the most wanted to know, and most want to understand the problem. The following medical education network for everyone to collect the relevant information, hope to help you.

Teeth, also known as tooth clearance, is the natural gap between the teeth and teeth. Under normal circumstances, the teeth are filled with gum tissue. Gingival tissue in the teeth of the part, medically known as the gum nipple, commonly known as "ervatamia in." Gum nipples are easily inflamed and, once inflamed, can bleed easily; Likewise, once the gum nipple bleeds, the inflammation is indicated. The blood circulation of the gum nipple is very good, the inflamed gum nipple uses the blood circulation favorable condition, accelerates the blood flow, the goal is to antiphlogistic. Every time the gum nipple from inflammation to inflammation of the process, will be necrotic off, each shedding will reduce the height of the gum nipple. In the human life, the gum nipple necrosis falls off many times, the gum nipple reduces its altitude 1.1 points, the teeth will be more and more big.

There are other reasons for the growing teeth, such as the long-term impaction of food. Food embedded teeth clearance, pressure gum tissue, can occur gum nipple necrosis, and then increase teeth. The reasons for the food can be caused by tooth decay, or periodontal inflammation of the alveolar bone resorption, causing the teeth to loose.

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