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How to use dental floss correctly

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How to use dental floss correctly? What is the use of dental floss? I believe this is the most want to know, the most want to understand the problem. The following medical education network for everyone to collect the relevant information, hope to help you.

How to use dental floss

1. Take a 45-centimeter line and place the end around the middle finger, leaving 5-7 centimeters between the two fingers.

2. Use the thumb and forefinger to tighten the floss, leaving 3 cm wide.

3. Place the dental floss before and after the tooth gap and gently slide straight through the contact point.

4. Make the tooth line around a tooth face "C" shape, snapping to the tooth surface, gently clear the plaque.

5. Pull the floss out of the tooth gap and wrap more on one side of the finger, revealing a cut of the floss.

6. Repeat the steps above to clean the tooth surface of the next tooth, and complete the teeth sequentially. Note: The first use of dental floss, some people may appear gum bleeding, as long as the correct method, lasting several days, once plaque clearance, bleeding phenomenon will stop. If there is still bleeding, it is recommended to return to the review, because improper use of dental floss can also lead to gum damage.

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