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7 Details of proper brushing

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The correct way to brush your teeth

Mastering the correct way to brush your teeth

Usually everyone in brushing teeth must have a lot of transverse to brush the way, perhaps you do not know that this long-term damage to the teeth is very big, and some food residue also can not be removed.

The more scientific method is to brush the teeth from top to bottom, the lower teeth from bottom to brush, can effectively clean the teeth of various food residue.

Then brush the toothbrush and the teeth vertically, brushing the tip of your tongue.

When brushing your teeth, try to avoid brushing your gums to prevent your gums from getting hurt. and brush the teeth on both sides of the mouth at the most inside.

Master the strength of brushing

Brushing teeth when a lot of people too much exertion, it is easy to cause gum bleeding. This will damage the gums and teeth for a long time, so you should brush your teeth evenly, not too hard.

Choose the right Toothbrush

At present the toothbrush has fine silk soft brush, medium brush and hard brush. They have advantages and disadvantages, we should choose according to individual teeth.

For the protection of tooth surface considerations, I recommend the use of soft brush, tooth surface damage is small.

Grasp the reasonable time of brushing teeth

When brushing your teeth, remember not to brush the finished two, at least 3 minutes to brush more than good. Brushing your teeth for about 3 minutes after meals is the best time.

Notice how many times you brush your teeth every day

The most reasonable number of teeth brushing is 3 times a day, if not to do that at least 2 times a day.

Wash gargle cups and toothbrushes regularly

We just brush our teeth every day, gargle cups are often dirty, easy to breed bacteria, so regular cleaning. Toothbrush in each brush after brushing in the mouth of the mouthwash on the edge of a knock, the toothbrush hair inside the toothpaste out.

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