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Tips for using a toothbrush

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Tips for using a toothbrush

1, each should have their own toothbrush, mixed with both unsanitary and the mouth of the disease and bacteria to infect each other.

2, after brushing the teeth, repeatedly rinse the toothbrush, as far as possible to shake the moisture on the bristles. Brush the head upward, brush the handle downward into the cup or ventilated place, make it dry. Do not put in a glass tube or plastic toothbrush box. It is best to have two toothbrushes per person to use in turn, so that the toothbrush thoroughly clean, conducive to sterilization.

3, toothbrush best can be disinfected regularly, can drop a few drops of soapy water on brush hair disease and bacterium infect each other.

4, toothbrush used for a long time, brush hair gradually lose elasticity, hair beam bending and to both sides scattered, not only lose the role of cleaning, and easy to bruise gums, should be replaced in a timely manner. It's best to change a new toothbrush every month.

5, the commonly used mane and nylon toothbrush do not soak in hot water, so as to avoid soft bristles lose flexibility. The general plastic toothbrush also does not withstand high fever, will deform. The new toothbrush can be used to warm blisters, play a role in cleaning, can also make excellent brush foam soft, to avoid damage to the gums.

6, the condition permits, every a times brushing teeth, put the toothbrush in the disinfection mouthwash in the water for a while, and then put out in the bedroom blow dry.

7, when the cold, cold, epidemic disease, early in the beginning, should be replaced with another new toothbrush.

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