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(1) The size of the toothbrush head: according to the American Dental Association, the length of the toothbrush head should be $number cm, the width is 0.8 cm, the $number row bristles, each row of 5 12 brush hair, toothbrush head front end should be round blunt shape. These rules are available for reference when choosing a toothbrush.

(2) The hardness of bristles: generally can be divided into soft, neutral, rigid three kinds, peacetime use of neutral hardness toothbrush is more suitable. When you buy a toothbrush, you can use your fingers to press a brush, such as a finger tingling feeling is too hard, not suitable. At present, the toothbrush of the market is more than nylon brush hair. The elasticity, uniformity and hardness of nylon bristles are better than that of pig hair toothbrushes, which is more beneficial to oral health care.

(3) The angle of brush head and brush handle: There are two types of toothbrush with linear and angle type. Linear type of use is more powerful, the angle of the toothbrush to the posterior teeth clean effect is better, this angle to 17 degrees ~ degree is appropriate.

(4) Top of bristles: the top of each brush should be round blunt, can not have acute angle, can be purchased with hand to touch judgment.

(5) Special toothbrush: Periodontal disease patients or older people, gingival atrophy, tooth gap increase, in addition to the general toothbrush, more should use teeth toothbrush, this toothbrush brush hair cone, long shape, etc., you can choose to use. There is also a toothbrush with two rows of bristles, which is used to massage the gums. The two rows of bristles with long brush hairs on the outer side than the middle two rows are used specifically for the orthodontic tooth, which not only cleans the tooth surface but also cleanses the food residue on the orthodontic device. For the hands and feet of the disabled (such as stroke patients), can choose electric toothbrush, light energy electric ion toothbrush and so on.

The correct way to use toothbrushes is:

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