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Three kinds of correct brushing methods

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Brushing teeth is what we do every day, but many people don't know the right way to brush their teeth. The following three kinds of correct brushing methods are collected and sorted out.

1, Vertical Brush method: Is the toothbrush hair tip at the junction of the gums and crowns, along the direction of the teeth slightly pressurized, brush the teeth downward brush, brush the teeth when the upward brush, the teeth of the inside and outside face and occlusal surface to brush, in the same area to brush several times. This method can effectively eliminate plaque and soft dirt, and can stimulate the gums, so that the shape of the gum remains normal.

2, the Vibration method: refers to brushing hair and teeth into a 45 degree angle, so that part of the toothbrush hair into the gap between the gums and teeth, the other part of the teeth into the medical teaching ' nursery network collection and finishing, to do a short distance between the quiver. When brushing the occlusal surface, the bristles should be laid flat on the tooth surface, to make a short distance before and after the vibration. Each part can brush 2-3 teeth, brush the inside and outside of the teeth clean. Although this method is also horizontal brush, but because it is a short distance of the horizontal brush, basic in the original position for horizontal vibration, with a large transverse brushing teeth, the teeth will not damage the neck, it is not easy to damage to the gums.

3, physiological brushing method: Refers to the top of the toothbrush hair contact with the tooth surface, and then gently brush the direction of the gums. This method is as mild as food through the gums to stimulate the blood circulation of the gums, conducive to periodontal tissue to maintain health.

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